About this Website

Cashless Payment UbeMap is a service to search for and display stores in Ube City, Yamaguchi prefecture, that accept cashless payment.

Cashless payment refers to modes of payment that do not use physical cash, including "credit cards," "electronic money," and "QR codes." Compared to cash payments, cashless payments are believed to be advantageous to both consumers and merchants in the following ways.

Advantages for Consumers:

  • You will have a peace of mind from not having to carry cash with you
  • Information is easily managed as your usage history is automatically preserved

Advantages for Merchants:

  • Payment is more efficient without customers having to wait
  • The average amount spent per customer tends to be higher than in the case of cash payments
  • Mistakes and fraudulent behavior at the cash register are prevented
  • Working hours, costs, and other labor expenses are reduced

In view of the above reasons, the Ube Chamber of Commerce has set up this website in anticipation of the revitalization of the local economy through the increased use of cashless payment.